Calm Resolve

Today 10/20/16, is my 1st initial blog, given all praises to TMH, thanking him humbly for his many mercies and grace he has bestowed upon me & my household. I ask & pray that you will bless all of Israel as we continue to practice the righteous acts until you can back and receive us unto yourself.

Please Lord continue to bless the pastors and the modern day prophets that you have brought forth in these latter times to bring us into remembrance of who we are.

Continue to strengthen Israel & give us the encouragement we need in order to endure in the name of Jesus is my prayer. Amen.



  1. Greetings Sis,
    I saw your response on another page and landed here. I appreciated your perspective. Can you point me to any study materials or connections I should make as a young single sis living in these times would be greatly loved and appreciated.

    May TMH abide with us always


    1. Shalom Issa,
      Just logged in & I would be very happy to assist & point you in
      further studies, which will help you.
      There is a school that is official with lots of schools in various states &
      countries called IUIC-Which stands for Israel United In Christ, These modern
      day prophets will guide you in your salvation for your closer walk with our
      Lord & Savior. Also Issa they offer FREE classes 7 Days & Week & an outstand-
      ing Sabbath Class with the Bishop Nathanyel on Saturday@ 5PM. Also they have a
      slue of videos on You-Tube & Periscope. with very subject under the Sun. I’m
      In New York,& there’s a school here.
      Please log unto IUIC website, which is called, this site if you choose
      to register will be your portal to everything you need for Israelites, even books you
      can download FREE of charge. I hope this will give you comfort as you become connected
      with your true heritage of who you really are in this world,& that will grow you spiritually.

      MHNCB You & Your Household,
      Masada-Zakeya Baht Simeon

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